Abouna’s message

+++ Holy Week Update +++

Dear St. Mary's of Columbus, Ohio. Peace and grace to you all.

I pray you have had a blessed and fruitful Holy Great Lent thus far and wish you a blessed Holy Pascha Week coming upon us speedily.

We are happy to announce that starting this Friday, the Last Friday of the Holy Great Lent, through at least the Feast of Resurrection, we are allowed to open the registration to seat families in every row on opposite sides,  almost doubling our attendance capacity.

We are still under COVID restrictions and are not as open as we were pre-COVID. So still not everyone will be able to attend all the services.

This new seating idea can only be accomplished and run smoothly if everyone adheres to the following guidelines:

1. Each family registration will ONLY accommodate 4-5 people. There can be NO moving of tape to make room for more, as you will be moving closer to the families in front of you and behind you.

2. You must sit in the area you are registered for. For example: Balcony Pews, Chairs in the Balcony, Parishioner Main Floor.

3. Wear your mask at all times.

4. Keep social distancing.

5. Wash & Sanitize your hands often.

6. If you are having any sickly symptoms, for the safety of all,  you must stay home and attend online with us.

If you sign up for Good Friday, you should be attending all day, as your registration will bar anyone else from attending and sitting in your spot that you leave empty for any period of time.

If you sign up for the Resurrection Feast Liturgy, you will be expected to stay to receive Holy Communion at the end, there will be no leaving after the Resurrection Re-enactment. The purpose of the Liturgy is to partake of the Holy Body and Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God willing His Grace Bishop Saraphim will be with us on Good Friday through the Feast of Resurrection Liturgy.

We thank you all for cooperating with us in these very important matters and guidelines. Sharing in love and compassion towards your brothers and sisters in Christ.

I pray you all to have a blessed Holy Pascha Week. +

May Jesus Christ, our true God, who through His own good will accepted sufferings, and was crucified on the cross for our sakes, bless us with all spiritual blessings, and support us, and complete for us the Holy Pascha, and bring forth upon us the joy of His holy Resurrection for many years and peaceful times. Amen. +